Toshiba BDX1200 Region Free Blu-Ray DVD Player

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Quick Overview

  • Special Price!!!
  • Reverse Compatible - Plays DVD & Blu-Ray Discs
  • Region Free, Code Free & Multi-Region Playback
  • Play Any Region Standard DVD
    Including Regions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8 / RCE & REA
  • Plays Blu-Ray Discs from Region A
    Region B and Region C Playback Also Available
  • PAL / NTSC Conversion Built In!
    No External Video Converter Needed!
  • Guaranteed to Play any DVD on Any TV!
  • Play CD, AVCHD, CD-DA, JPEG, HD JPEG, MP3, WMA, Avi and more.
  • HDMI OUTPUT with 720p/1080i/1080p/1080p-24fps video upconversion
  • USB Input, BD Live Compliant

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  • Toshiba BDX1200 Region Free Blu-ray Player
  • Toshiba BDX1200 Region Free Blu-ray Player - Rear View
  • Toshiba BDX1200 Region Free Blu-ray Player - Remote

Product Description

Toshiba BDX-1200 Region Free Blu-Ray DVD Player

The Toshiba BDX-1200 multi region bluray player is Clearly stunning. Flaunting Full HD 1080p video output, the BDX1200 multi region Blu-ray player lets you soak up your favorite entertainment in unbelievable clarity. Dolby TrueHD and dts-HD decoders help deliver thrilling sound to intensify the experience, while BD-Live 2.0 allows you to access extra online content from the film without moving from the couch. Plus, AVCHD playback enables you to enjoy your home movies in pristine quality.

Best of it is fully region free and will play Standard DVD movies from anywhere in the world regardless of what region code they are. In addition it has a available option to be Region Free for Blu-ray as well. If this option is selected it will also play Blu-rays from any region in the world. This includes Blu-ray Regions A, B, and C.

Built-In PAL to NTSC Converter in this Blu Ray Player
This Blu-Ray Player Requires No Extra Video Converter!

No matter where in the world you are, this player works with any TV. Built in NTSC to PAL and PAL to NTSC conversion guarantees Blu-Ray & DVD playback anywhere!

This Unit Uses the Ultra ICOS Region Free Hardware Modification
Ultra ICOS Region Free
Hardware Modification

All our Region Free DVD players have been modified using the best hardware modification, offering a Guarantee on Region Free Playback.


Toshiba BDX1200 Multi Region Blu-Ray DVD Player Specifications

Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.


Reverse Compatible- Plays DVD & Blu-Ray Discs
Play Any Region Standard DVD including regions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8 / RCE & REA
Digital cinema progressive scan 3:2 pulldown
BD-Live 2.0
Multi-camera angle select, Multi-audio, Multi-Subtitles, Multi-aspect ratio.
Fast Forward/Reverse
Skip Forward/Reverse
Zoom Function
Title Search
Chapter Search
Track Search
Repeat Playback


Deep Color
Video Upconversion via HDMI (720p, 1080i, 1080p/24fps)
Noise Reduction


MPEG 1,2 Audio
Dolby Digital
Dolby Digital Plus
Dolby True HD
DTS Core
DTS-HD Master Audio


Auto standby
Screen saver
Trilingual OSD
Remote Control: SE-R0377


HDMI output: 1X (v1.4) with HDMI-CEC
Other outputs: Composite (Rear), 2 channel audio output, (Rear)
Digital Coaxial Audio Ouput: (Rear)
10/100 LAN: (Rear)
USB: (Front)

Product Dimensions and Weights:

Product(W x H x D): 430mm x 42.5mm x 200mm
Product Weight: 1.9kg

More Features:

USB Input, BD Live Compliant
AVCHD Home Movie playback
Screen saver
USB port
HDMI-CEC, ColorStream component video, RCA video, analog 2-ch audio, ethernet ports
Digital audio output

Toshiba BDX1200 Code Free Blu-ray DVD Player Overview

1080p with 24 frames per second capability - Recreate the cinematic experience of the movie theatre, all in the comfort of your home.

BD Live (Profile 2.0) - The BDX1200 allows for a multitude of Internet related, interactive features through an Ethernet jack-enabled connection. With interactive content enabled on select Blu-ray discs and Bonus View support for picture-in-picture capability, Toshiba’s BDX1200 offers state-of-the-art home entertainment.

DTS®-HD Master Audio - A disc encoded with DTS®-HD Master Audio delivers all of the information from the original master recording bit-for-bit, exactly as intended by movie studio masters. DTS®-HD Master Audio takes the audio experience to the next level.

Dolby® TrueHD - Dolby® TrueHD immerses you in sound by delivering audio that is identical to—and every bit as spectacular as the master recording. It lets you experience the full potential of Blu-ray, and is even ready for future HD delivery formats.

MKV Playback - Easily playback MKV files from your USB flash drive

Additional Information

DVD All Regions

Region Free DVD Playback. Code Free, Multi-Region, Multi-Zone
Will play DVD movies from anywhere in the world.
Plays DVDs from any region including region 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8
Region Free Playback Guaranteed for Life!

Blu-ray All Regions

Region free CodeFree Blu-ray player will allow playback of blu-rays discs from anywhere in the world. Blu-ray discs from Zone A, B, or C will play. Plays any blu-ray discs from any region, any country, anywhere in the world guaranteed

PAL / NTSC conversion

Works on any TV, anywhere in the world.
Will convert NTSC to PAL and PAL to NTSC with perfect picture quality.
Plays Pal NTSC and Secam DVDs on any TV with Perfect video conversion.

USB Input

USB input allows you to connect a USB device to play Music, Videos, or Photos

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