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Purchase a Region Free DVD Player with Confidence
Purchase Region Free with Confidence

All of our Region Free DVD & Blu-ray Players have been hardware modified for region free and will play DVD’s and/or Blu-ray’s from anywhere in the world. We have been selling world class, hardware modified region free players for over a decade.

A Note on Region Free Player Warranties:

Despite untruthful claims by many vendors, modified region free dvd players are not covered by the manufacturer warranties. This means you must trust and rely on the place of purchase for all warranty support. Rest assured we will be here if you ever need support.

Lifetime Warranty on Region Free Modification
Lifetime Region Free Warranty

Unlike software or firmware modified players, our hardware modified Region Free DVD and Blu-Ray Players will always play any disc from any region. Because of this, Code Free DVD offers a Lifetime Guarantee on region free playback. For the life of your player, it will play any region disc, period!

Ultra ICOS Diamond Class Region Free Hardware Modification
Ultra ICOS Diamond Class Modification

All of our Region Free DVD & Blu-ray Players use the Ultra ICOS Diamond Class hardware modification guaranteed for life! For as long as you own your player, it will continue to play DVD's and/or Blu-ray discs from anywhere in the world.