What are DVD and Blu-ray Region Codes?

The DVD Region system is used to control which DVD movies play on which DVD Players. The DVD regions are broken down as follows:

Map of DVD Region Codes

DVD Region Codes

Code Where
1 USA & Canada
2 Europe & Japan
3 South East Asia
4 Latin America & Australia
5 Russia, Rest of Asia and Africa
6 China
8 International Venues, Cruise Ships, Planes, etc.
Map of Blu-ray Region Codes

Blu-ray Region Codes

Code Where
A Americas, East and South East Asia
B Europe, Africa, Oceania, Middle East, French teritories, Greenland
C Central and South Asia; Mongolia, Russia, and People's Republic of China.

What does all this 'DVD region coding' mean?
This means that DVD movies from DVD Region 1 (USA & Canada) WILL NOT play on a DVD player regions 2-6. Effectively Region 1 DVD discs play only on Region 1 DVD players, Region 2 DVD discs play only on Region 2 DVD players and so on.

Why are there 6 DVD regions?
Movies are released on DVD at different times around the world, typically America and Canada first, Australia and Japan 6 months later, and Europe 12 months after US release. In some instances, DVD movies are available for purchase in America and Canada before they are released in European cinemas.
Due to the high quality of DVD and the movie release system used by Hollywood, 5 regions were establish to prevent people from watching Region 1 movies before they were released on Regions 2-6.

DVD Censorship between countries also plays a part, another reason for DVD region coding.

What can I do to solve this problem?
CodeFree.com specializes in Region Free DVD Players and Region Free Blu-ray Players that play DVD and Blu-ray movies from DVD Regions 1 thru 6 and Blu-Ray Regions 1, 2 and 3. Guaranteed 100%, giving you the freedom to watch any DVD movie, censored or uncensored, without having to wait up to 12 months for the official release in your country.

How do you make a DVD player region free / multi-region / Code-Free?
Our custom chipping process ensures your DVD or Blu-ray player plays every region disc available, using our custom DVD Region chip design. Our qualified technical staff modify and test your DVD player 100% with all DVD and/or Blu-ray egions before leaving our warehouse.

What if the movie studios put a DVD region protection system into the movie disc?
The DVD region protection system, 'RCE' was introduced 8 years ago, and all our DVD players play RCE discs 100%. So far no other 'new' protection system is possible other than RCE due to the way the DVD region format works.
Our players play all protected 'RCE' DVD discs.

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